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  • Kohler 8EOZ Sound Shield - 00:28:32 11/13/13

    Looking for a new or used Sound Enclosure for a 8EOZ Kohler.

  • Walk thru Window 99-02 Searay 240 Sundancer or 260 - 09:23:24 10/26/13

    CENTER WINDOW 24X27 with 1 inch bow if lay flat slight blue tinted glass
    same window fits 1999 -2002 Searay 240 Sundancer or 260 Sundancer.

  • mast for 23' Columbia - 07:15:32 04/19/13

    standard aluminum mast

  • cushions for v berth bed - 05:21:14 09/28/12

    Restoring 62 Owens 27' Flagship and I'm looking for bed(cushions) for the v berth sleeping are. Also looking for navigator seat (opposite captains')

  • 25 to30 foot pontoons for pontoon boat - 19:34:22 08/21/12

    Pontoons for a pontoon boat

  • Coronado 35 - 15:45:54 06/06/12

    Any parts or pieces. Specifically and most importantly an electrical panel, but will consider anything including a take-our diesel.


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  • 1988 Sea Ray Sorrento 250 - 16:17:03 02/08/12

    Wanting a PORT-SIDE CURVED WINDSHIELD glass (bronze color).

  • 1998 Crownline 182 windshield/windscreen - 16:19:20 10/24/11

    Need a complete setup for a 1998 Crownline 182. Had the LPX low profile windscreen stolen off my boat, needing to replace or find someone who can manufacture one.

  • Century CTS windshield - 13:44:37 09/13/11

    I need a plexiglass windshield for a 1986 Century CTS tournament ski boat.

  • Sunbird windshield - 09:37:13 09/07/11

    I need to buy a starboard side windshield for a 1997 Sunbird Corsair 200SL.

  • Fairey Marine "Duckling" - 17:03:34 08/18/11

    10ft moulded plywood sailing dinghy. they were manufactured in England c 1950's

  • Pop Top for Catalina 22 1986-1994 - 07:21:59 08/09/11

    Need a pop top to replace one damaged during a storm.

  • Water Generator - 22:36:54 07/27/11

    Looking for an Aquair, Aqua4gen, or Hamilton Ferris Water Generator.
    Email or cel 604-290-3223

  • power tilt - 10:41:42 07/06/11

    1988 power tilt & trim merc

  • Crownline Windshield - 09:44:23 06/16/11

    Looking for a complete replacement windshield for a 1998 Crownline, 18ft Bowrider.

  • 1988 Sea Ray Sorento S24 windshield or parts - 10:30:26 05/26/11

    In need of curved windows both sides for 1988 Sea Ray S24 Sorent...

  • 89 Formula windshield - 17:24:33 05/16/11

    1989 Formula 26 PC windshield needed

  • Chrome Dash for 2006 Malibu LSV 23 - 16:52:00 05/12/11

    I'm looking to replace the chrome dash piece that goes around the guages on my 23ft Malibu LSV 23 (2006)

  • Mercury 200hp cowl - 18:49:09 05/02/11

    Looking for cowl cover for 1983 Mercury 200hp emgine

  • 1981 Hydrostream Viper Windshield frame and Windshield - 18:48:04 05/02/11

    Looking for a windshield frame nd windshield for my 1981 Hydostream Viper

  • windshield - 15:41:35 04/08/11

    for 1994 stratus bass boat

  • Wellcraft 216 Eclipse front portside (left) windshield - 09:19:13 03/20/11

    Need a left front windshield for our 1991 Wellcraft 216 Eclipse boat. 772-631-2002. Thank you.

  • Need a COBIA BOAT Windshield - 18:22:39 03/11/11

    We own a 1997 21' Cobia SunSport boat, Model 218. We need to replace the curved parts of the windshield (both the driver's and passenger's sides). We have had no luck finding someone that can help us since Cobia boats like ours are no longer manufactured. Is there anyone that may have an old Cobia boat like ours that would be willing to sell us their windshield?, OR is there a company that can help us replace this windshield? Our boat is at Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, VA.

  • 99 baja windscreen for h2x or hammer - 11:22:39 03/11/11

    I am looking for a curved windscreen for a 99 baja Hammer. I was told a H2X would also work.


  • Front Curved Windshields for a 19' 1988 Sea Ray Sorrento - 17:34:03 03/03/11

    I am looking for the front two curved windshields for my 19' 1988 Sea Ray Sorrento. Please email me if you have or know where I can get them.

  • 1988 Sea Ray 19' Sorrento windshield - 16:33:58 02/26/11

    1988 Sea Ray 19' Sorrento windshield

  • Boat Motor - 20:05:09 02/24/11

    2/25/11...Looking for one outboard motor between 135HP to 175HP, 20inch shaft, 2003 and up, under 500 hours. Thanks!

  • gate latches - 11:59:17 02/23/11

    Plastic gate latches for 80's-90's model Sundancer pontoon

  • 1976 Catalina 22 swing keel swing keel - 12:47:05 02/18/11

    We have lost our swing keel. Swing keel needed.

  • 1999 Sea Ray 290 cabin door track - 12:45:45 02/18/11

    The tracks that allow the boat's door to slide effortlessly.

  • 1963 to 1969 Lone Star sailboat 13 Rudder - 11:44:37 02/18/11

    Rudder needed.

  • ruddercomplenty - 21:22:58 02/07/11


  • ruddercomplenty - 21:22:54 02/07/11


  • cruise n carry 6600 outbord motor - 16:16:12 11/04/10


  • wood or aluminum spars - 09:31:10 09/25/10

    I have an old Formosa Ketch rig that is in need of new spars. They are wood and not restorable. the main is 7"x 6" x 42'. The mizzen is 6"x 6" x 28'. I am looking for anything close that could be cut done if need be.

  • strut ,prop ,steering box Chris Craft/holiday1955/18ft - 11:58:21 09/19/10

    strut no.5997 prop no.658, steering assy for same w/steering box and throtle linkage to the wheel

  • Rudder and tiller for Coronado 23' - 21:27:31 09/14/10

    If someone has drawings or give me dimensions and specifications, that will just as good.

  • Windshield for '81 Century Arabian - 17:10:30 09/14/10

    Need the complete windshield. If you have one available or know of any resources to locate one, please let me know. ( Thanks!

  • recoil spring for Tanaka (Gamefisher Sears)1.2 HP model 298 - 11:27:53 09/08/10

    Recoils spring for 1.2 tanaka outboard

  • smoke plastic covers 1990 wellcraft transom - 15:26:26 09/02/10

    The smoke colored plexiglass covers that go on the back part of the boat. Approx. 1.5 ft. long and 8 " high. Parallelogram shaped. Cover outlet for bilge blower exhaust.

  • 18' Herreshoff America Sail - 01:44:30 08/05/10

    looking for a decent used Herreshoff America mainsail.

  • Vent cover for '97 Celebrity 190 open bow rider - 18:22:52 06/05/10

    I need a white vent cover for the LEFT (passenger) side on a '97 Celebrity 190. It measures 5.5" high x 11.5" length.

  • gauge cluster - 16:01:41 05/25/10

    I need to buy an instrument gauge cluster for a 1995 four winn 24' cabin cruiser.

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  • steading sail and mast - 10:29:36 04/10/10

    i am restoring a 34 webbers cove and it had a steading sail and mast. would like to replace the lost set up

  • Used Boat Parts at - 18:10:37 04/07/10

    Used Parts at

  • 89 baja sport windshield - 13:54:58 04/03/10

    Need windshield for baja sport i think it is a 89 254 sport


  • WANTED - old marine diesel engines and transmissions - 11:20:40 03/25/10

    We are buyers of old marine diesel engines, [ running or not ] such as Westerbeke, Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Universal, Isuzu, Farymann, Ford Lehman, Kubota, etc,
    and also are interested in used marine transmissions, such as
    Twin Disc, Borg Warner Velvet Drive, Hurth, ZF, Volvo Penta, etc. Please contact us by e-mail or phone with the details, and we will make you an offer.

    Joe - phone 860 666 2184

    Location: central CT

  • dagger board support - 19:28:34 03/15/10

    i'm looking for the wooden piece that gos from one side to the other side of a puffer sailboat, ( the board that the dagger board gos through

  • Herreschoff America 18' cockpit cushions - 15:45:26 03/13/10

    Lookin for port & starboard cockpit cushions, or measurements of

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